HIRT Level One - 8 CEC Course

The HIRT Foundational Principles Course teaches personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts the fundamental principles of high intensity resistance training and how they can safely apply HIRT to their fitness sessions. It is a brief full body strength and fitness training system designed to stimulate muscle growth, improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance fat loss using high intensity training principles.


The HIRT Level One Course specifically focuses on exercise selection, muscle stimulus techniques and the 'minimum effective dose' to help your body develop to its full potential without spending hours in the gym. It is an efficient and safe way to achieve maximum results for you and your clients when you are limited for time.




  • Science of high intensity training

  • Muscle Stimulus Techniques &  Adaptions

  • Minimum Effective Dose Vs Maximum Effective Dose

  • Exercise Selection & Sequence

  • Training to Failure & Full Range of Motion

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Four HIRT e-Books Included