Physiology of Training - 8 CEC Course 

The Physiology of Training is an entry level course to learning the basic concepts behind strength and fitness. It is designed for Personal Trainers and gym enthusiasts who want a greater understanding on how the human body works in relation to becoming fit and strong.

It will guide you through the general principles of building muscle, losing fat, and increasing your cardiovascular efficiency while teaching you various training methods for complete physical development.

Understanding the physiology behind how muscles function and why we move the way we do will give you a solid foundation for designing effective gym programs.

Presented by THUMP Boxing & HIRT founder Christian Marchegiani, this course will help bridge the gap between exercise science & personal training.

At the Gym


  • Understanding Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Understanding Muscular Fitness

  • The Training Stimulus

  • Basic Strength Science

  • Gym Prescription


Online 2021


Earn 8 CEC's